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Adolescent Resilience

Adolescent Resilience

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Subject: Citizenship Health

Personal resilience and mental well-being are key factors in raising the aspirations, access and achievements of children and young people in schools and our communities.

Children and young people's emotional health and wellbeing affects their immediate and longer term physical and social health and influences their capacity to learn and achieve academically. A range of protective factors have been identified linked to child and adolescent mental health, spanning individual, family, school and wider community influences. Whilst it is important to recognise the role of schools as only one element of a wider multi-agency mental health strategy, they play a significant and valuable role.

School-based programmes of social and emotional learning have the potential to help young people acquire the skills they need to make good academic progress as well as benefit pupil health and wellbeing.

LGfL has worked with Public Health England to identify a series of resources, research, links and ideas to help schools build on adolescent resilience. There are seven tabs on the resource, which all link out to external bodies – all of which have been audited for suitability. The topics are:

  • Information and research
  • Whole-school approaches
  • Programmes and training
  • Pick up and go!
  • Targetted support
  • Signposting
  • Young people
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