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Service Pack: Available with USO

Subject: ICT

Prepopulated with high-quality content from LGfL resources, the App Maker will allow students to use pertinent videos and images to illustrate their web apps. They would then be able to write and format their own text and styles for the app.

"…and for homework, make a poster or a PowerPoint to show you have understood the topic." Oh no, not again!

The LGfL App Maker is set to change all this. Teachers and learners are used to accessing apps on tablets and mobile phones, but the ability to create their own app will add a new layer of engagement and excitement for students. The ability to do this with ease for subjects other than Computing will be a powerful way to harness today's technologies in a way that appeals to young people.

After studying a particular topic, such as The History of Computing, The M Room, or The Prodigals, many teachers will want students to write about what they have learnt. Typically this may take place on paper, within a Word document, or maybe an interactive presentation. This requires students to copy and paste, or download images to incorporate into their work.

Prepopulated with high-quality content from TRUSTnet resources, the App Maker will allow students to use pertinent videos and images to illustrate their web apps. They would then be able to write and format their own text and styles for the app. A user-friendly graphical interface will ensure they are more engaged in their learning within a particular topic area, at the same time as covering aspects of the Computing curriculum. When the app is complete, they could publish the app within their school area, enabling other TRUSTnet users or parents to view their app, or download it as a web-app to a smart phone or tablet.

App Maker is about much more than democratising the app development world. Not only does it bring web apps out of Computing departments, it takes the facilitating power of technology into other departments to reinvigorate learners and learning.

In version 1, it currently does not support adding video – however, this functionality and further topics will be added during the coming months. Please inform us of any glitches you encounter with the software, via contentsupport@lgfl.org.uk.

Why can't I add my own pictures to AppMaker?

There are two reasons. Firstly eSafety - we wanted pupils to be able to publish their apps instantly, as safely as possible. By limiting the choice of images we can be sure their images they use are appropriate and copyright cleared. Secondly, we recognise many pupils are very skilled at searching for images. However we wanted to give these activities a clear subject focus, and ensure pupils spent as much time focussed on subject content. We have found giving pupils a curated collection of high quality images improves subject based outcomes and keeps them on task.

We are however looking at ways to allow some flexibility in the use of images. This may include the possibility of teachers creating galleries of approved images, or being able to choose their own images when logged on as a teacher.

Will you be adding new topics?

Yes, we will be adding new topic galleries to AppMaker over 2015.

How do I add an app made with AppMaker to a mobile device?

For information on how to use AppMaker see the help videos.

Can I add TRUSTnet Videos to Apps?

At the moment you cannot add videos to apps made with AppMaker. We are working on this and hope to make it available later in 2015.

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Permitted uses:

  • Downloading and editing of photographs and text for educational use
  • Public publishing of new material
  • Creation of new material using elements from TRUSTnet learning resources

Not permitted:

  • Re-editing of any TRUSTnet video material
  • Removal of any LGfL branding embedded within assets
  • Removal of any content-provider branding embedded within licensed resources
  • Any commercial use of the resource
  • Sharing of login credentials with an unauthorised person to gain access to TRUSTnet licensed resources*

*An unauthorised user is defined as a child or adult who does not attend a TRUSTnet - connected school. Parents of children in TRUSTnet schools are exempted from this definition to the extent that and only in so far as parents are encouraged to log in with their children to view resources that support home learning.

To find out more about TRUSTnet educational licences and why they are necessary please take a look at our TRUSTnet educational licences FAQ page.

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