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  • Art Skills for Teachers
  • Art Skills for Teachers
  • Art Skills for Teachers
  • Art Skills for Teachers

Art Skills for Teachers

Art Skills for Teachers

Service Pack: Core Service

Subject: Art Citizenship

Simple and effective advice for non-specialist Art teachers to inspire creative art activities at school. Suitable for all Key Stages.

LGfL is delighted to provide the ‘Art Skills for Teachers’ resource developed in partnership with the Ben Uri Gallery.

Art Skills for Teachers offers simple explanations of a range of art techniques in action, exemplified from school contexts.

The aim of the resource is to inspire teachers and children to try out and achieve the creation of artwork beyond their own expectations. The resource is full of unusual and easily accessible techniques to make art a truly inclusive activity for all members of your school community.

The resources have been used extensively, in an offline format, in schools in and outside London. However, the new online interface makes the resources easier to navigate, explore and demonstrate.

High resolution scans

Where possible the artwork featured in the resource is made available from a high resolution scan. This allows teachers to be able to print and crop high quality images if required.

The resources were produced by Alix Smith, the Learning Manager at the Ben Uri Gallery.

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Optimised for mobile devices

This resource has been optimised for mobile devices including iPads and iPhones.