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Busy Things

Service Pack: Available with USO

Subject: Art Citizenship Design English Geography History ICT Languages Mathematics Music PE Religion Science

Award-winning numeracy, literacy and creative activities spanning Early Years, Key Stage 1 and 2.

Live now: major upgrade from January 2016 to the whole Busy Things platform

LGfL is delighted to announce a major update to Busy Things – live now for teacher and pupil use in school and at home (USO login required at home, and recommended for improved experience in school). The new version sees a total refresh of the interface, the addition of various new functionality, over 100 brand-new resources and ipad compatibility for every single activity. The best way to get to know the new Busy Things is to explore the live resource by clicking 'launch' above. (if you are not an LGfL teacher, a case-study video is available at busythingsinfo.lgfl.net), but here is a rundown of the latest features licensed by LGfL on behalf of London schools:

  • New content: over 100 more resources across a range of curriculum subjects from Early Years to KS2
  • New teacher mode: an area for planning, customising, gathering evidence and general organisation
  • New teacher bar: always visible, this is your hub to customise Busy Things as you need it
  • New curriculum browser: search the curriculum-aligned content, which is fully-mapped to EYFS and NC learning objectives
  • New widgets: demonstration tools for tricky concepts to invite discussion, create engagement and encourage experimentation
  • New animated demonstration videos for key features
  • New mobile optimisation: now all activities work across all devices
  • New customisation: teachers can alter difficulty levels and create custom collections of content to make lessons engaging for all types of learners at different ability levels
  • New My Files area for gathering evidence: track activities played and learning objectives addressed; save and record children's work for individual portfolios; export activity descriptions and curriculum information as PDFs or or cut and paste into lesson plans
  • 100s of printable PDF resources, including new worksheets linking to new interactive activities
  • Phonics Resource Maker Tool: an existing feature that is highly popular. Create custom phonics paper-based games and worksheets - from letter formation to captioning, and much more
  • Extensive clipart library featuring the Busy Things characters to save, print and use as you wish (new classroom display anyone?)

It is no coincidence that Busy Things is LGfL's most heavily-used resource, with over 1 million page turns by London teachers every month. So much more than the sum of its parts (although with so many sections, it would be quite a sum!), it is a wonderfully quirky online educational resource, featuring hundreds of award-winning curriculum-linked games, activities and downloadable resources.

A clear favourite among EYFS and KS1 teachers, where the importance of play is never underrated, there are many activities for ages 7+ (Key Stage 2).

In case there is any doubt regarding the rigorous pedagogy that underpins the world of Busy Things, it is important to stress that each and every activity is explicitly designed to support individual descriptors from the revised 2014 Primary and EYFS curricula across the Foundation Stage and Key Stages 1 & 2 (with curriculum mapping throughout).

Access to Learning Resources both in and away from school site is freely available with a TRUSTnet Core Service subscription.