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Ancient Egypt

Walk like an Egyptian! But maybe not while you're wearing Google Cardboard virtual-reality goggles. **virtual & augmented reality**

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Subject: Citizenship Design English Geography History Religion Science

Explore Ancient Egypt like never before with incredible interactive augmented reality.

LGfL resources have already benefitted from augmented reality and virtual reality, but never together. Now for the first time, Key Stage 2 History learners can experience the ancient Egyptian civilisation in ‘mixed reality’ (augmented and virtual reality).

With applications that reach beyond History, and indeed the curriculum as a whole, Ancient Egypt gives us insight into classic themes such as pyramid-building, hieroglyphics and Egyptian gods, but also the role of women in contemporary society, farming and other less well known subjects.

As always, the augmented-reality objects are embedded in worksheets for a blend of traditional and modern, but they can also be extracted for use in original materials or as standalone assets (see how small and how large you can make the pyramid on your school photocopier before using with your class).

There are also maps and 3D trackers which are designed to make it as easy as possible to integrate the assets into your existing mid-term plans and schemes of work. You’ll never look at a mummy in the same way again!

When the virtual-reality app is installed on your device (see appstore links at the top of this page), Google Cardboard technology allows you to transform your mobile device into a 3D viewer. Purchase of a compatible viewer is required; available for under £10 in cardboard and under £20 in more durable plastic (examples given here are not official recommendations; always check for compatibility with your device and ensure that the device has a Google Cardboard settings QR code on it).

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There are two elements to this resource: a website and mobile app (for augmented reality). The mobile app is available from Apple and Google Play Appstores by searching for “LGfL” plus the name of this resource.