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Service Pack: Available with USO

Subject: Tools

LGfL's iTunes U portal featuring a range of public-facing resources.

iTunes U is a powerful distribution system for everything from lectures to language lessons, films to labs, audiobooks to tours - an innovative way to get educational content into the hands of students.

LGfL has created an iTunes U portal to feature a range of publicly accessible LGfL resources in an easily accessible format available via iTunes. Audio and video files can be easily transferred to a range of mobile devices as podcast.

iTunes U FAQs

Can I still use the iTunes U Portal even if I don't have iTunes installed on my computer?

Download Now

No - you will need to install iTunes on your computer. Click on the blue button to download iTunes directly from the Apple website.

Is iTunes available for PCs as well as Apple Mac computers?

Yes - the Apple website will automatically let you download the correct version of iTunes for your computer.

Can I still use the iTunes U Portal even if I don't have an Apple mobile device such as an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone?

Yes - you can. There are 'apps' for the other major mobile device operating system.

For example the 'Double Twist' app allows Android users to link their Android OS device to iTunes.

Who can feature their resources on the LGfL iTunes U portal?

London Local Authorities can have their own sub portal on the LGfL iTunes U Portal. For more details, please contact the LGfL Content Manager.

Access to Learning Resources both in and away from school site is freely available with a TRUSTnet Core Service subscription.


Use and adapt

Public access

Use and adapt

Use and

No commercial use

No commercial use

Public access


Permitted uses:

  • Downloading and editing of photographs and text for educational use
  • Public publishing of new material
  • Creation of new material using elements from TRUSTnet learning resources

Not permitted:

  • Re-editing of any TRUSTnet video material
  • Removal of any LGfL branding embedded within assets
  • Removal of any content-provider branding embedded within licensed resources
  • Any commercial use of the resource
  • Sharing of login credentials with an unauthorised person to gain access to TRUSTnet licensed resources*

*An unauthorised user is defined as a child or adult who does not attend a TRUSTnet - connected school. Parents of children in TRUSTnet schools are exempted from this definition to the extent that and only in so far as parents are encouraged to log in with their children to view resources that support home learning.

To find out more about TRUSTnet educational licences and why they are necessary please take a look at our TRUSTnet educational licences FAQ page.

Optimised for mobile devices

The majority of this resource is accessible from mobile devices. The exception to this are the videos within the teachers' section which can only be played on devices running the Windows operating system.