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A Journey through the Maya World

Service Pack: Available with USO

Subject: Art English History Mathematics PE

Renowned Maya archaeologist Dr Diane Davies has partnered London Grid for Learning to create this exciting addition to the ActiveWorksheet range of resources.

Bett Awards Update: Maya – A journey into the Maya World was awarded the 2016 Bett Award on 20 January in the category ‘Primray Digital Content (rest of curriculum).

The Bett Award judges felt that 'Maya - A Journey through the Maya World' matched the curriculum well and "provides valuable user guidance and information". They recognised that it would definitely engage learners, and shows consideration for online safety.

The opportunity to study the unique and fascinating Maya is a welcome addition to the History curriculum at Key Stage 2. Our knowledge of the Maya is full of misconception, myth and inaccuracy. Renowned Maya archaeologist Dr Diane Davies has partnered London Grid for Learning to create this exciting addition to the ActiveWorksheet range of resources.

Our Journey through the Maya World is based on Diane's unique knowledge and experience as an archaeologist, working to uncover the secrets of the ancient Maya in the Guatemalan rainforest. Building on the success of our previous augmented reality resources we will guide you and your pupils through the Maya culture and their incredible achievements.

At the centre of the resource is the ActiveWorksheet pack, containing the teacher guide, the ActiveWorksheets themselves, plus additional resources to accompany the 10 cross-curricular activities for History, English, Maths, Art and PE.

There are four components to the resource

1. ActiveWorksheets covering ten themes:

  • Archaeology
  • Mapping the Maya
  • Maya Cities
  • Maya Maths
  • Precious Materials
  • Calendars
  • Glyphs
  • Pok-ta-Pok
  • Maya Art
  • Modern Maya

A Journey through the Maya World is designed as a multi-purpose resource that will address the significant gaps in the knowledge and understanding of the Maya. The interactive elements (trigger-image artefacts) can be used in a variety of ways, including lesson plans, pupil work, displays, virtual museums, or for sending home to parents and carers. Trigger images are available for download from the microsite.

2. Maya ActiveLens app (iOS and Android) to activate the augmented-reality artefacts. New to 2015 is the addition of our cloud based app that combines all the content into a single platform. Unlike the single ActiveLens apps, this relies on an internet connection to operate. Schools that still have iPad 2 devices and iPad mini (1st Generation) will be able to access content via this app.

3. Maya microsite, providing full access to the resources, detailed teacher guidance and an activity guide.

4. 3D Printing

A further level of innovation is offered with 3D printing files of some of the AR artefacts. For example, the model of the Maya flute can be downloaded and recreated with a 3D printer, transforming the virtual into the physical. This provides an opportunity for pupils to handle and display facsimile artefacts (no 3D printer is required in school, as files can be printed at low cost via online portals). 3D printing is an emerging technology and almost exclusively a STEM activity, but by providing this functionality, LGfL is helping to make the technology relevant to other areas of the curriculum.

ActiveWorksheets are inspired by and designed to bring quality teaching together with exciting content and technology. Using this ActiveWorksheet resource, we hope your Journey through the Maya world will bring this amazing history and culture to life.

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Optimised for mobile devices

To utilise the augmented-reality functionality within this resource, licensed users will need to download the relevant LGfL ActiveLens app from the Apple or Android Play store. Users now have two choices:

- the new LGfL Cloud app requires an Internet connection, but includes all present and future ActiveLens AR apps. This will work for schools that still have iPad 2 and first-generation iPad minis.

- a dedicated, single Maya ActiveLens app is also available – this makes all content available offline at any time.