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Pass It On

Pass It On

Service Pack: Core Service

Subject: PE

Simple steps for successful dance lessons.

Pass it On: A creative dance resource for primary school teachers

LGfL has worked in partnership with Siobhan Davies Dance to create a unique resource offering support and guidance for teachers to deliver a creative curriculum using dance.

Swish and Stamp looks at ways of exploring movement and dance using painting and printing stamps as a starting point.

The lesson is interactive and starts with a physical experience e.g. getting children to explore an action, such as noticing how the body moves whilst using a paintbrush - then transferring this action to create dance.

This resource includes a downloadable lesson plan as well as extensive video resources which cover:

  • a warm up session
  • exploring movement
  • working with a partner
  • practical teaching tips

Curriculum links support teachers to use this dance lesson to enhance children’s learning of other curriculum topics including English and Maths.

Swish and Stamp was created as part of Pass it on, a series of professional development workshops run by Siobhan Davies Dance which have typically taken place either at Siobhan Davies Studios, as Inset days at schools, or in PGCE training courses. Once teachers have attended a Pass it on workshop, they are equipped with tools for sharing this approach with other teachers in their school, who in turn share it with their pupils.

Resources for primary schools currently available from Siobhan Davies Dance

This online resource Swish and Stamp is only available to schools which are members of The London Grid for Learning, TRUSTnet or National Education Network. However, non-members can also purchase Primary Resource Packs directly from us or book an Inset day, half day or twilight session at your school.

Resource Packs

Each pack contains at least three lesson plans for use with children from Early Years to Key Stage 2, starting with a simple introduction to dance and building up to more complex developments. The packs include a selection of images to be used as a starting point; music suggestions, ideas for cross curricular links and differentiated tasks. Although our lessons start with a specific stimulus, they are based on generic choreographic concepts which can be applied to almost any theme, subject, or stimulus.

Resource packs currently available:

  • London Landmarks
  • Sports

Inset Workshops

Each workshop is delivered by a dance artist and includes a detailed resource pack for each participant, complete with useful images, lesson plans, music suggestions, curriculum links and development ideas. Each workshop is available as a twilight, half day, or full day inset.

Workshops currently available:

  • Making Imprints
  • Dance with Sculpture
  • Choreography Toolbox

To order a resource pack or book an Inset workshop contact:


Find out more about Workshops & Resource Packs

Siobhan Davies Dance is a dance organisation based in south London, established by British choreographer Siobhan Davies, whose career has spanned more than three decades and whose work has been studied for A Level and GCSE Dance for many years.

Find out more about Siobhan Davies.

The Creative Projects team at Siobhan Davies Dance works to extend Siobhan Davies’ current lines of enquiry into practical projects accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Work with primary schools has evolved from the relationship with Charlotte Sharman School in Southwark, which is situated next to the Siobhan Davies Studios Through programmes, Primary Bank and Pass it on, introduced thousands of primary school children and their teachers have been introduced to choreographic concepts adapted for use in the primary classroom.

Find out more about Creative Projects

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