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  • The Illustrated First World War
  • The Illustrated First World War
  • The Illustrated First World War

The Illustrated First World War

Pictures from the archives of The Illustrated London News and her sister publications

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Subject: Art History

Learn about the First World War using real news reports and original pictures from the archives of The Illustrated London News

Learn about the war using real news reports and original pictures, from the archives of The Illustrated London News and her sister publications.

The digital assets are the core of the resource and students and teachers will explore the themes of the war by investigating the evidence, rather than following a traditional narrative and using the assets to illustrate expected conclusions.

Unit one – KS3 - The Global war

The war started in Europe, but soon nations all over the world were drawn into the conflict. Fighting erupted in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Learn about the Global War and how it was reported back in Britain.

Unit Two – KS3 - The Home Front – People, Actions and Attitudes

As millions of British people travelled to the front lines, life changed enormously for people back home. Learn how women and civilians experienced the war.

Unit Three – KS3 - Technology and Propaganda

Discover how new technologies and new kinds of propaganda helped Britain to fight the war.

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