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Active Directory Synchronisation

Service Pack: Optional Service

Subject: Tools

ADSync enables a school's local Active Directory to be securely synchronised with the central USO database to ease the administrative burden on schools and deliver greater consistency in username and passwords for staff and pupils.

Extends USO into a school's local domain to simplify logins

TRUSTnet’s Active Directory Synchronisation (ADSync) service allows a school using USO to populate its Windows Active Directory with user accounts from the USO database which is populated by MIS accounts. This allows user details to be created or amended in your Active Directory (AD) soon after those details are entered into the school's MIS without any manual administration. All changes happen by the information being securely exported from the MIS to the USO database and then having that information written into your AD. ADSync then continues to handle the on-going synchronisation of accounts on a daily basis. The process offers a one-way sync only.

Reduces account administration burden on schools

ADSync creates users, organised into appropriate Organisational Units for ease of management (e.g. the application of policies). It also adds users to various groups according to their account profiles e.g. user type (Students, Staff and Nominated Contacts), year group, etc. It can calculate and set paths for login scripts and profiles (but leaves the profiles themselves open to local management and configuration), and it can create home area shares in a variety of fashions (e.g. one folder per user, or a shared folder in which each person has a subfolder, all with appropriately set permissions). Pupil accounts are automatically moved from one year group to the next at the start of the school year and accounts that are removed from the MIS will also be taken out of the AD.

Ease of use through consistency in usernames and passwords

ADSync enables users to log in to their school computers with the same details they use to access other services such as email. It is designed to reduce the number of usernames and passwords which everyone needs to remember and to greatly reduce the workload of the school's IT support teams.

ADSync is available to TRUSTnet subscribing schools as an optional extra.