• USO-AutoText



Service Pack: Optional Service

Subject: Communications

USO-AutoText gives schools the ability to send text and email messages to parents and staff via an easy-to-use online interface. With no set-up fees, USO-AutoText is a cost-effective option for schools wishing to enhance communication with parents via a secure automated system.

Low cost, full featured service

USO-AutoText is a cost-effective text and email messaging service available to TRUSTnet subscribing schools.

Authorised staff within a school, such as  Head Teacher, IT/Network Manager or office staff, can be set up with the appropriate permissions to use the system. This enables them to send messages to the mobile phones of school staff and/or parents via an easy-to-use dedicated website.

Quick and simple to use

When sending messages to pupil contacts, pupils can be filtered by school, year and class allowing specific messages to be sent only to the parents of relevant year groups or even individual classes. Alternatively, custom groups of staff, to whom messages need to be sent on a regular basis, can be created and saved. Such groups might include members of a school's senior management team or departmental heads.

Secure automated link to school MIS

The service integrates with the USO-AutoUpdate application that exports information from the school's MIS to automatically populate and update the USO-AutoText system with staff and parent/guardian mobile phone and email contact data.

The management interface allows the system user to send messages using the exported data, and view a full audit trail of previously sent messages.

Absence alert messaging

Attendance reports can also be exported from the school's MIS, once or twice each day, to allow the school to generate an unauthorised absence report and easily contact the parents or guardians of those pupils. The USO-AutoText service will automatically generate a personalised message to be sent to each contact's mobile phone to notify them of the absence and request an explanation by return. All the system user needs to do is press the button for the messages to be sent.

Check the accuracy of your MIS contact data

USO-AutoText can generate reports showing which mobile numbers exported from the school's MIS are considered to be invalid or highlight parents whose contact details are missing.

USO-AutoText is available to TRUSTnet subscribing schools as an optional extra.