• Connectivity


Service Pack: Core Service

Subject: Communications

Various connectivity options that provide broadband services for schools are available. Each option includes a fully-managed firewall or filtering device that allows access to the wide and ever-increasing collection of Learning Resources.

Virgin Media Business

Virgin Media Business's nationwide, ultrafast optical fibre broadband is the Education connectivity option for TRUSTnet. It is delivered with Firewall and Web Filtering to provide safe and secure access to the internet, with the range of ICT and inspirational e-learning resources that come as standard with a TRUSTnet connection.

Ultrafast Optical Fibre or ADSL Connectivity?

TRUSTnet provides competitive pricing for both ultrafast optical fibre broadband, and ADSL connectivity for harder to reach sites.

Need an uncontended, symmetrical connection?

Dedicated optical fibre leased lines will give you the same speed in both directions whether you're uploading or downloading and you'll only pay for the bandwidth you need, ranging from 10Mbps for smaller primary schools, to 1Gbps for larger secondary and academy schools.

Connectivity is available to all schools as part of the Core Service subscription.