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Early Years Login

Simple authentication

Service Pack: Core Service

Subject: Tools

An easy yet secure login option for younger users

The USO authentication system provides secure access to a large set of online learning tools and resources. However, younger users or those with special needs are not always able to make use of a standard username and password combination. The Early Years login system has simplified the authentication process to grant access to such users.

The Early Years login system has been designed to help younger users log in more easily. The simplified login system works in several different ways, offering schools a range of options. The first simply allows the standard password to be replaced by a numerical PIN, where each number is associated with a child-friendly image. This allows children to remember an image sequence rather than a code and use that to log in.

The second option offers the use of barcodes which contain each child's details. These barcodes can be scanned by mobile devices, such as tablets used in classrooms, and when scanned will automatically take the pupil to a login page, where their username has been pre-filled by the barcode and all they need to do is enter a picture sequence to gain access to the myUSO application launcher and automatically log in to the resources it contains.

A third option allows pupils to access a web page where they can log in via user recognition. Using this method, pupils have to click on a series of pictures specifying their gender, class and first initial to identify themselves and enter their PIN as an image sequence. This is a simple and effective way of getting young pupils to access the myUSO platform from which they can launch a host of educational resources that have been pre-configured for them by their teachers.

The Early Years login system relies on integration with your school's MIS and regular automated data exports.

Early Years Login is available to all schools as part of the Core Service subscription.

The ability for a school to use Early Years login is simply enabled by a Head Teacher accepting a declaration found in the USO support site, and relies on MIS data being provided via USO-AutoUpdate. For full details on activating and using this feature please see the User Guide.