• USO-FX



Service Pack: Core Service

Subject: Safeguarding

Method for transferring sensitive/secure data from one user to another, or from one user to many users, in a secure (encrypted) manner across otherwise insecure infrastructures.

Secure file exchange

USO-FX2 (File exchange) provides staff in TRUSTnet subscribing schools with a secure (encrypted) process for online transfers of potentially sensitive or secure information across otherwise insecure broadband infrastructures.

Full audit trail

A fundamental feature of USO-FX2 is that the movement of all documents uploaded into the transfer system is tracked via the USO account identity of both the initial document provider, and also the end recipient(s).

As standard, USO-FX2 is supplied with a total storage allocation nominally equal to 20MB per school. The file store is backed up on a nightly basis to protect against disaster or other incurred loss of current documents.

Why USO-FX2?

  • Secure method for staff to transfer sensitive data
  • Operates between schools and even LAs/Councils
  • Email alerts when files are received and viewed
  • Upload/download audit trail for all files
  • Documents backed-up nightly
  • Can be protected by Second Factor Authentication for added security

USO-FX2 is available to TRUSTnet subscribing schools as part of the Core Service package.