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Integrated access to a range of Learning Platforms

Service Pack: Optional Service

Subject: Tools

With USO providing staff and students with a convenient and consistent online identity that is used to access a range of core services and resources on a regular basis, TRUSTnet has developed the service to incorporate the use of other technologies and communicate with other systems. As a result secure USO authentication has been successfully integrated with a range of Learning Platforms to provide users with both the convenience of using a familiar set of user credentials and also the ability to have secure access when physically away from the school site.

TRUSTnet have successfully provided USO authentication including Shibboleth or SIF non-cached account management for centrally hosted and maintained Learning Platforms including; Fronter, Moodle, Uniservity, Its Learning, SharePoint and FirstClass.

USO Integration with a school Learning Platform is available to schools subscribing to TRUSTnet and is deployed on a case by case basis.