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Digital launchpad

Service Pack: Core Service

Subject: Tools

Personalised service and application launcher with configurable options

The myUSO website is a password-protected application launcher and bookmarking service accessible to all pupils and staff members in USO-enabled schools. By creating a publishable 'Home page' from which staff and pupils can easily access all USO authenticated services, plus any additional web-based services linked alongside, myUSO presents a simple, convenient and organised route to online resources for schools.

This service allows school staff to create and manage a set of links to online learning resources for their pupils. As a result, all resources needed by pupils during the school day can be grouped by class and accessible via a single login. Groups can contain links to USO-authenticated and non-USO resources, including services hosted within the school. Each user, staff or pupil also has the option to create lists of personal useful links which is accessible only to them. The site also contains a staff notice board where internal messages can be posted for colleagues to find in the course of the working day.

Authentication is done via USO account credentials for adults and older pupils, and by a simplified login system for younger users.

myUSO is available to all schools as part of the Core Service subscription.