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Service Pack: Core Service

Subject: Tools

An online and automated telephone method for a school to inform parents and pupils of the status of the school on any given day.

Easy-to-use service for providing real-time information about the status of schools

In the wake of the disruption and media coverage caused by unplanned school closures in recent years, due to extreme weather conditions and the threat of disease pandemic, we developed the OpenCheck information service for schools subscribing to its broadband services.

Controlled by schools to ensure up-to-date information is provided

OpenCheck provides parents and pupils with convenient methods for checking whether a school is open, re-opening, or closed on a given date. The status information can be updated by appropriate school staff at any time, thereby ensuring that an up-to-the-minute report is always available. Data is available to parents and other end users through a map-based web site, automated telephone line or mibile app, while authorised school staff can update information via the OpenCheck website.

Integrates with mobile app

The OpenCheck system integrates with the ParentComms mobile app which can be downloaded by staff and parents.

Staff can quickly and easily change the OpenCheck status for their school using the app instead of logging onto the website. Parents can download the app and subscribe to their children's school so that they can instantly be notified of an unexpected school closure.

OpenCheck is available to TRUSTnet subscribing schools as part of the Core Service package.