Second Factor Authentication

Service Pack: Optional Service

Subject: Safeguarding

Additional layer of security to USO authentication that can be applied to specific school staff and the services which they access.

Two factor authentication

USO-OTP (One Time Password) Second Factor Authentication adds an additional security layer to USO, which can be applied to specific services that handle or otherwise grant access to particularly sensitive data, or to services that carry additional risk to network security or personal data when in use.

Applied against specific staff and or services

OTP requests are automatically presented to the user during the USO login process, wherever the service being requested has been protected in this way. The whole site may be protected, or OTP may be applied only to data or services restricted to a certain user status, in which case the request will be made in the context of the person logging in.

Promotes good practice in handling data and enforcing security

The introduction of OTP protection for key services and resources reflects the importance of good data handling and security practices. By enforcing OTP authentication, users gain increased awareness of the sensitivity of certain information that they handle, and the responsibility which they have for keeping that information safe.

The value of OTP technology will only increase as an increasing number of services that handle personal data make the transition from paper to electronic processing and storage.

Convenient and maintenance free

OTP services are provided via small keyfob-sized devices with LCD screens and are available in two different options. The first is a standard synchronous option that presents the latest available code at the push of a button and the second a time-based option that produces a new code automatically every 60 seconds.

Both types of tag have a life expectancy of at least two to three years, come with 12 months warranty, lifetime support, and are maintenance-free.

USO-OTP services are available to TRUSTnet subscribing schools as an optional extra.