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Service Pack: Optional Service

Subject: Tools

The podcast service provides a complete web-based environment for hosting, creating and managing podcast channels and episodes.

Why Podcast?

Podcasting is a method of distributing multimedia content ideally suited to situations where that content is regularly updated. In the education world, this might happen with a course where a new lesson is added each week, or a monthly school newsletter.

A podcast comprises of a channel to which users subscribe using a compatible web browser or dedicated client application, and a growing number of episodes which form the actual content. After subscribing to a channel, the user’s computer watches for the publication of new episodes, then automatically downloads them and makes them available for instant playback at any time.

Simple and easy-to-use application

Podcast content can be recorded using a Java applet that is built into the site or it can be created offline, using the application of your choice and then uploaded into the system. The service takes care of all aspects of hosting the podcast channels and content, as well as maintaining the code which underlies the technology, making the system simple enough for anyone to use.

  • Easy for anyone to create a Podcast - no coding required
  • Can be used for school newsletters and extracurricular courses
  • Searchable directory of public podcasts
  • Administration facilities protected by USO login

The Podcasting Service is available to TRUSTnet subscribing schools as part of the Core Service package.


Use and adapt

Public access

Use and adapt

Use and

No commercial use

No commercial use

Public access


Permitted uses:

  • Downloading and editing of photographs and text for educational use
  • Public publishing of new material
  • Creation of new material using elements from TRUSTnet learning resources

Not permitted:

  • Re-editing of any TRUSTnet video material
  • Removal of any LGfL branding embedded within assets
  • Removal of any content-provider branding embedded within licensed resources
  • Any commercial use of the resource
  • Sharing of login credentials with an unauthorised person to gain access to TRUSTnet licensed resources*

*An unauthorised user is defined as a child or adult who does not attend a TRUSTnet - connected school. Parents of children in TRUSTnet schools are exempted from this definition to the extent that and only in so far as parents are encouraged to log in with their children to view resources that support home learning.

To find out more about TRUSTnet educational licences and why they are necessary please take a look at our TRUSTnet educational licences FAQ page.