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Service Pack: Optional Service

Subject: Tools

ParentComms:Pay+ gives schools a convenient and easy-to-use system for accepting online payments for school meals, trips and clubs in a secure and personalised manner.

Collect payments from parents online

Schools using the ParentComms:Pay+ system will be able to go fully cashless by only accepting payments online, or use a combination of online transactions and the occasional cheque or cash payment as all payments received can be recorded in the Pay+ website and managed via a single location.

Items that can be paid for include:

  • school meals (for students and school staff)
  • school trips (which can also be authorised online)
  • clubs & activities in which a child is taking part
  • school fund contributions
  • any product the school might wish to sell to parents online

Easy-to-use and configure

The site is easy to use with a simple, intuitive interface that shows everything that is available to the user.

The Pay+ site administrators are responsible for setting up the site to their own requirements, configuring the available items and making them visible to the correct parents. The administrators of the system have extensive control over what is displayed in the site and to whom. Administrators can also access information regarding all payments made and generate detailed reports regarding all transactions. The Pay+ site offers the ability to generate texts, emails and even printed letters so that parents can be notified of upcoming events or chased for payment with just a few clicks.

Secure MIS Integration

Using information automatically sent into the USO database via the USO-AutoUpdate exporting tool that obtains information from the school's MIS, the information presented in the site can be targetted very specifically. All parents can receive a totally personalised view, displaying what they currently owe for meals and any other items the school wants them to pay for. Access is controlled by Parent USO account with a secure and simple registration process that parents go through to create their accounts. These accounts will become linked with their children's accounts to ensure they are confronted only with information relevant to them when they use the site.

Customisable look and feel for schools

The design is customisable and will include the school's colours and logos/badges so the site offers a familiar colour scheme and matches the school's own website. Each school will be able to use the available functionality to set up a completely customised site suited to its unique requirements. Schools can decide what they want to have paid online, set up those items with descriptions and even images and direct the parents to their site's address.

School Shop is available to TRUSTnet subscribing schools as an optional extra service.