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Support Services & Help Desk

Support Services & Help Desk

Service Pack: Core Service

Subject: Tools

Access to a mature and extensive Service Desk infrastructure that has been proven capable of supporting over one million users including schools, Local Authorities and Regional Broadband Consortia.

1st and 2nd line dedicated support for schools

There is a dedicated team of 1st and 2nd line support engineers, accessible through the our Service Desk, to provide a comprehensive support service.

Telephone support that’s there when you are

The service desk can be contacted via a dedicated support line between 8:00 and 18:00, every working day (Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays). Individuals contacting the Service Desk will be asked to enter their school's 7-digit DFE code. This process is required to enforce security and maintain an audit trail. General information regarding the call, such as the support topic, along with the phone call itself, is recorded.

Online support and guidance 24/7

In addition to the Service Desk, we also provides an online support site which gives schools the ability to configure, manage and report on its own services. The site can also be used to raise support/service cases and request any changes which the school cannot make of its own accord.

Response, reference and resolution

When a support case is raised it is recorded on a Case Logging System. This system records the case details, name and contact information of the person making the query and generates a case number which is communicated to the school by email. All future correspondence regarding the given topic between the school and us occurs within the support case. A support case will be ongoing until a resolution is achieved, after which point, the details of the case will be accessible to the school and us for future reference.

When cases are raised, schools receive an automated email confirmation and we aim to respond to all newly raised cases within four working hours. As all support cases are different and require different levels of action, investigation and communication, we always apply best endeavours to resolve cases in the shortest possible time period. We also prioritises its resources to ensure the most efficient resolution of critical incidents in preference to administrative enquiries.

Helpdesk and Support Site service are available to all schools as part of the Core Service subscription.