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VideoCentral HD

Service Pack: Core Service

Subject: Tools

VideoCentral is an easy-to-use web-based solution which allows teachers to share video files with students, colleagues, and partner schools.

Why VideoCentral?

Many schools have been using public sites such as YouTube to share videos and embed video clips within their Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) and Managed Learning Environments (MLEs). However, sites like YouTube contain so much material that is at best distracting and at worst offensive, that schools often discourage or even block access for their users.

To meet the clear need for a safe video sharing solution, we have created our own service which enables teachers from any TRUSTnet subscribing school to upload video files and share them with others.

Because the site is maintained by us, if any inappropriate material is uploaded it can be quickly removed, and the person who posted it can be traced.

A safe and secure solution

The service offers a video sharing solution for use in schools. It combines the usefulness of public resource-sharing sites such as YouTube with a controlled and safe environment with content which is more appropriate for pupils.

  • Allows teachers to share video files with students, colleagues, and partner schools
  • Video files are uploaded using a secure web interface
  • Automatic encoding for fast, efficient web streaming
  • Automatic HTML code generation so that each uploaded video can be embedded in your own site

VideoCentral is available to TRUSTnet subscribing schools as part of the Core Service package.


Use and adapt

Public access

Use and adapt

Use and

No commercial use

No commercial use

Public access


Permitted uses:

  • Downloading and editing of photographs and text for educational use
  • Public publishing of new material
  • Creation of new material using elements from TRUSTnet learning resources

Not permitted:

  • Re-editing of any TRUSTnet video material
  • Removal of any LGfL branding embedded within assets
  • Removal of any content-provider branding embedded within licensed resources
  • Any commercial use of the resource
  • Sharing of login credentials with an unauthorised person to gain access to TRUSTnet licensed resources*

*An unauthorised user is defined as a child or adult who does not attend a TRUSTnet - connected school. Parents of children in TRUSTnet schools are exempted from this definition to the extent that and only in so far as parents are encouraged to log in with their children to view resources that support home learning.

To find out more about TRUSTnet educational licences and why they are necessary please take a look at our TRUSTnet educational licences FAQ page.