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Web Hosting

Web site hosting service

Service Pack: Core Service

Subject: Tools

A fully-resilient web hosting environment for schools' web sites, controlled through a secure online management site.

TRUSTnet can offer schools a web hosting platform that allocates each school 15GB of disk space, 2 MySQL databases and supports a range of different websites including ASP.Net and PHP5.

The web hosting environment is fully resilient and hosted across two data centres with all content backed-up on a nightly basis. Schools are given control over their hosting environment via a secure online management interface. Alternatively, sites can be managed via FTP.

  • 15GB of disk space
  • 2 x MySQL database
  • Resilient hosting
  • Supports a range of websites
  • Content backed up nightly
  • Secure online management interface

Web Hosting is available to schools as part of the Core Service subscription.