• web Mail


Service Pack: Optional Service

Subject: Communications

Convenient and secure web mail service available to both students and staff.

Email service for students and staff

Included in the range of email clients available for schools to use is a Netwin SurgeMail platform that can provide advanced AJAX web mail access. The service is designed for use predominantly by students, but can also be used by staff. SurgeMail uses standard Internet email transiting protocols to ensure maximum compatibility with all major email clients including Microsoft Outlook and Windows Mail.

Secure and safe service

In line with other email services offered by TRUSTnet access to email is securely controlled by USO authentication. All inbound and outbound email is subject to the MailProtect email filtering service which provides protection against all known computer viruses and can block unwanted or offensive email using best-of-breed scanning technologies and a powerful web-based management interface.

Use school specific domains

Should a school wish to use their own domain for school specific addresses, for example office or head@, the system can host the domain with the our Support Site enabling full administration of accounts.

Protect student anonymity

The SurgeMail service can also ensure the anonymity of pupil accounts in line with established good practice and past Becta/DfES guidance, with pupil accounts, for example, being in the form of smitj85@atomwidemail.com in the case of a pupil called John Smith. In this case, neither the school, not the pupil is identifiable, and local domain aliases intentionally cannot be applied to alter that restriction for pupil accounts.

Web Mail is available to all subscribing schools as an optional extra service with pricing scaled to the number of required user accounts.