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Managed wireless networks for schools

Service Pack: Optional Service

Subject: Tools

Secure wireless networks that easily integrate into the security model included with a school's broadband connection are available for subscribing schools. The service employs Cisco wireless technology and is fully-managed. It integrates seamlessly with the WebScreen 2.0 web filtering service.

Fully managed, secure wireless networks

The TRUSTnet wireless service makes use of its services for Schools WAN and allows users from a suitably-equipped school to access their school’s local wireless network using USO authentication.

The system is centrally managed by Cisco Wireless network controllers that provide core authentication services for the network-wide secure wireless capability. These are located in the two data centres that run the TRUSTnet network.

School-level control

Schools can specify how many wireless networks they wish to broadcast and can control which users have access to each one. Schools frequently choose to configure wireless access to their curriculum and admin networks for certain staff and groups of students and separate a guest network that simply grants access to the internet. All Internet access is then filtered by the WebScreen 2.0 filtering service.

Wireless network access is configurable via an easy-to-use management interface where schools can create guest user access and restrict or allow the access of third party machines.

Why choose TRUSTnet managed wireless networks?

  • Fully managed wireless systems
  • Cisco Aironet-based WLAN technology
  • Secure, authenticated and auditable access
  • School control over wireless networks and user access
  • Third party device access control
  • Integrates with WebScreen 2.0 web filtering
  • Integrates with TRUSTnet IP Telephony services
  • 3 year interest-free credit available

For more info click here to download the brochure

Managed wireless services are available to TRUSTnet subscribing schools as an optional extra.