Communication Tools

Email for Staff

Resilient email for all school staff and governors

StaffMail provides school staff and governors with a fully-featured, hosted Microsoft Exchange-based email service accessible via Outlook Web Access and the Outlook client. For added convenience, StaffMail can also be used on mobile devices.

Email addresses can be personalised and put into the school’s preferred format through the creation of aliases. Staff can then have an email address, or several, utilising the school’s domain.

StaffMail offers a range of functions such as personal and school-shared calendars as well as personal and shared address books. It also allows shared mailboxes to be created for multiple user access.

The service is hosted and managed by TRUSTnet but configured by schools via a dedicated web interface, where aliases and shared mailboxes can be created quickly and easily.


Email for Pupils

Secure, advanced email for pupils

Mail for students is an email service available to all pupils via Microsoft Office 365. The service provides a more pupil-focused, secure Microsoft Office 365 environment, authenticated via the same user credentials as all other TRUSTnet services.

Included in the service is access to the sophisticated technology of Microsoft OneDrive for Business, for both staff and pupils. This offers cloud-based storage and the use of Microsoft’s web applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote) so that users can read and create a range of documents without the need for expensive software, both at school and at home.

Office 365

Email Filtering

Email filtering designed for schools

MailProtect is an email filtering product designed specifically for use in education. It protects users and school networks from cyber-threats such as viruses and malware as well as phishing, abuse and general spam.

The product uses multiple industry-leading scanning engines assembled into a coherent set of tools. Offering background protection as well as proactive notifications of blocked messages.

A dedicated website lets system administrators create rules for the school. They can maintain allow and reject lists of addresses, preview blocked messages, view transit logs and more.


Secure File Exchange

Handling secure data online

TRUSTnet includes a secure document exchange facility to transfer sensitive or secure data from one user or establishment to another user or group. Documents are stored on a secure server and can only be retrieved via the appropriate user credentials, with the option to include a second factor authentication mechanism.

The system offers a full audit trail of uploaded and downloaded documents, including notification alerts for a range of activities. The system is backed up securely on a daily basis to protect against disaster or loss.


VideoCentral HD

School-safe video sharing platform

VideoCentral HD offers an easy-to-use, secure web-based platform where teachers can share video and audio files with students, colleagues and partner schools. Pupils can view videos at home and parents can be rest assured that there will be no inappropriate links or content.

When files are uploaded to the secure website they are encoded automatically to provide fast, efficient web streaming. Many popular video formats can be imported from other sources, with a choice of quality for the output. VideoCentral HD also makes it easy to embed uploaded videos to your own website or learning platform.

VideoCentral HD

Video Conferencing

Video communication software

TRUSTnet offers Cisco Jabber software to provide schools with a secure, customised and professional video conferencing solution. This offers high definition video conferencing between two or more users. The technology can also be used to broadcast your screen in real time.

A free software download is available for Windows and Mac computers, with users supplying their own webcam. Video conferencing can then easily run from any computer in the school or at home.

Video Conferencing

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