The Curriculum Central resource-discovery service

Frequently-asked questions

Why has it been developed?

This new service development has been designed with two specific goals in mind: helping teachers to deliver the revised National Curriculum and to appreciate the range and depth of learning resources available as part of their TRUSTnet subscription. Historically, not all teachers have appreciated the depth of curriculum coverage within particular resources available from TRUSTnet, and this new approach offers ‘deep links’ inside many resources to support a wide range of curriculum areas.


Why should teachers in TRUSTnet schools use Curriculum Central?

Curriculum Central offers a modern, efficient interface to help teachers navigate the revised National Curriculum with ease and speed. Within seconds, teachers can appreciate which resource will help them deliver the National Curriculum, and access it with a single click.


Is Curriculum Central replacing all other navigation routes?

Teachers can still access resources via the content portal ( and direct web links. However, Curriculum Central is likely to become an invaluable tool for teachers who are planning specifically against curriculum aims.


How much of the revised National Curriculum is covered by TRUSTnet learning resources?

Mapping the existing TRUSTnet portfolio of learning resources to the revised National Curriculum has been a significant task. The outcome of that mapping can be viewed within the Curriculum Central service.

Due to the variable nature of resources available for different subject areas and Key Stages, the TRUSTnet coverage varies. However, the mapping exercise has proved to be a useful audit of provision and allows TRUSTnet to work ever more strategically to ensure that as much of the National Curriculum is supported as possible by the TRUSTnet service.

Many of the more recent internally produced resources from TRUSTnet have significant cross-curricular reach. Examples of resources that operate across multiple curriculum areas and Key Stages include:

  • History of Computing
  • The Tudors in London
  • The Romans in London
  • The Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace
  • Polar Exploration in the heroic age of Scientific Discovery


Why does Curriculum Central only feature TRUSTnet learning resources?

Curriculum Central aims to help teachers in understand how TRUSTnet learning resources can support the delivery of the revised National Curriculum in schools with a TRUSTnet subscription. It does not attempt to include resources that can be accessed outside of the TRUSTnet service to schools.


How specific are the links within Curriculum Central?

Where possible, ‘deep links’ have been used to take the teacher inside a resource to a section that will support a particular strand of the curriculum. Mapping helps teachers in this situation by highlighting the section they should select from the menu when inside the resource.


•	How specific are the links within Curriculum Central?


Do I need to log in to use Curriculum Central?

Curriculum Central is open access, so you do not need to log in to find the content which is relevant for you.

If you are in school when accessing Curriculum Central, the majority of links to actual learning resources will not require a log in. When off grid, a TRUSTnet USO login will be required for the first resource accessed; all further links will be authenticated for the remainder of your browser viewing session. To end your session and log out, simply close your browser.


Will Curriculum Central be kept up to date?

Yes. All new TRUSTnet resources will be mapped into the Central Curriculum resource-discovery service.


What happens if the National Curriculum changes in the future?

If there are changes to the National Curriculum in the future, the architecture of the Curriculum Central system has been designed to be able to quickly accommodate such changes.


Can teachers make suggestions to improve the service?

We greatly value the feedback from teachers. The services provided by TRUSTnet are specifically designed to meet the needs of teachers. In order to achieve this aim, we need to have direct feedback and input from the target audience.

If you have any constructive suggestions about how to improve this or any other TRUSTnet services please get in touch with us using the details below.