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Case Study

‘The sheer range, quality and variety of resources available is staggering...’

Andrew King - Headteacher – Chase bridge Primary School – Richmond LA


This case study demonstrates how a primary school has placed TRUSTnet learning resources at the foundation of its approach to supporting the revised National Curriculum, with highly positive outcomes.


Andrew King discusses the importance of making the necessary investments in infrastructure, hardware and training to ensure teachers and children will be able to make the best possible use of online learning resources, both at school and at home. The case study explores some of the issues associated with teachers adopting new resources, and models examples of TRUSTnet resources being integrated into curriculum planning.

TRUSTnet Case Study:
Long version 7 mins 21 secs

TRUSTnet Case Study:
Short version 2 mins 56 secs

Using TRUSTnet’s History of Computing resource to introduce coding at KS2

Using LGfL’s ReadingZone Live to support reading activities and discussions at KS2