TRUSTnet Educational Licences

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are TRUSTnet educational licences necessary?

In order to secure and sustain the range and quality of learning resources available via TRUSTnet, it is necessary to reassure content development partners that the licence terms agreed are adhered to by teachers and students in TRUSTnet schools.

Teachers and students can support this endeavour by ensuring they do not share their login details and ensuring that they keep to the licence terms highlighted. Some social networking sites include in their terms and conditions that any material uploaded to their online service becomes the property of the service from that point onwards. In the context of uploading resources that have been provided by TRUSTnet under licence to TRUSTnet school users, any such transfer of ownership for material would clearly be a breach of the TRUSTnet licence agreement.


What are TRUSTnet educational licences?

A simple and efficient way of conveying to the licensed user what their responsibilities are regarding legitimate use of the TRUSTnet learning resources provided as part of the TRUSTnet educational broadband service.


Why does TRUSTnet not use the internationally recognised Creative Commons iconography and licensing system?

A significant number of TRUSTnet learning resources do not fit within Creative Commons classifications. To ensure that the exact terms are communicated efficiently and accurately, TRUSTnet has devised its own system.


How can teachers help maintain the licence terms on TRUSTnet resources?

There are a number of ways in which teachers can lead by example on this issue:

  • Ensuring that their login credentials are not shared with anyone else.
  • Ensuring that students understand the importance of not sharing their login details with anyone else.
  • Challenging attitudes that wish to downplay or disregard licensing issues relating to copyright and intellectual-property rights.


Who do I contact if I need any advice on TRUSTnet educational licences?

Further information about TRUSTnet educational licences can be provided by contacting us using the details below.