Getting Even More Value From TRUSTnet


School to parent SMS and Email service

AutoText is a low-cost school to parent messaging service used to send texts, emails and free push notifications to the ParentComms app. Schools can generate “unauthorised absence” alerts automatically or send ad hoc messages as needed. The service also supports communication with staff as well as parents.

This easy-to-use service integrates with a school’s MIS to make the necessary data available at the touch of a button. AutoText offers a simple but powerful and low-cost parental engagement tool.


IP Telephony

Designed for schools

A Voice over IP (VoIP) service can be added at any time to an existing TRUSTnet connection. The service offers a fully managed IP telephony system based on centrally-hosted Cisco infrastructure. Schools benefit from an easy-to-run system with extremely low call charges, no line rental, free calls to participating schools and free call recording.

A dedicated management website allows school users without extensive technical expertise to control and configure their own service. Synchronisation with the school MIS allows all contact details to be easily searched with built-in click-to-dial functionality that will dial the required number from a linked phone at the click of a button. This is a service designed specifically to meet schools’ needs in an easy-to-use implementation.

IP Telephony

Managed Wireless Networks

Secure, resilient, fully-managed wireless solution

A TRUSTnet connection can be used to run a fully-managed wireless service using centrally-hosted core infrastructure. Schools simply need a sufficient number of access points, which come pre-configured from TRUSTnet, to enjoy fast, resilient wireless connectivity with accessible school-level control.

Dedicated web pages are used to grant users access to the network, with the ability to control access by MAC address and provide guest accounts without any need for technical expertise. The system integrates with TRUSTnet authentication to provide a seamless user experience.



Active Directory Synchronisation

USO authentication is the secure key that unlocks access to all TRUSTnet services and resources for schools. ADSync allows a school’s local Active Directory to be securely synchronised with the central USO database to ease the administrative burden on schools and deliver total consistency in username and passwords for staff and pupils.

Data from the MIS is used to populate the AD, creating new users and removing old accounts when changes are made to the MIS. It can also create home areas for each user and deploy login scripts and profile paths provided by the school. The service helps save administration time by managing AD users in this automated fashion.


Cashless Payment Service

Online payments and administration of school meals, trips, clubs and more...

An online cashless payment and meal management service is available to all TRUSTnet-subscribing schools. The system provides school meal account administration as well as online payment processing for school trips, clubs and fund collections. It also offers an online shop which is controlled directly by the school.

The automated system greatly reduces administration overheads and makes it easy to notify parents of outstanding payments through direct integration with the AutoText messaging service and ParentComms:Mobile app.


Parental Reporting Service

Online reporting to promote parental engagement

Parental engagement can be increased through an online reporting service. ParentComms:Reporter is a secure, public-facing website where parents of pupils within subscribing schools can register for user accounts. This lets them access information that is held by their child’s school about them and their children.

The reporting pages form a secure and easy-to-use portal that encourages parental involvement in their children’s education by providing up-to-date information such as attendance, behaviour incidents, achievements and end of term/year reports with all data visibility controlled by the school.



Secure remote backup service

As schools increasingly rely on technology for delivery of educational services, the secure storage of data associated with those services becomes ever more critical. To ensure the smooth running of administrative and operational tasks that aid teaching and learning, it is essential to protect this large volume of crucial data against unforeseen events or local hardware failures.

GridStore offers schools a resilient, off-site backup service using the latest version of Attix 5 remote backup software that, once set up, will backup school data automatically on a daily basis. Various storage space options are available ranging from 50GB - 1TB+.


Digital Signage

Visual communication solution for schools

A Digital Signage display is a great way to engage school visitors, staff and pupils. The TRUSTnet Digital Signage service offers a low-cost solution that has been tailor-made for schools. It is a securely-hosted, Android-based system featuring an easy-to-use management website for controlling and updating content as well as allocating user permissions.

Schools can deploy just a single screen or multiple screens around the site and manage them all via the website. The number of screens can be easily increased at any time. A full design and installation service is also available.

Digital Signage


Security for school needs and budgets

To help prevent vandalism and enhance on-site security schools can design a bespoke CCTV security system with multiple cameras operating from a single server.

All cameras output images visible through a dedicated website and integrated mobile app by users with appropriate permissions.

A camera can be selected to view in real time, providing an easy method of remote monitoring of the school’s premises to suitably authorised users.

This is a flexible, scalable system that is simple to set up and manage. It offers an affordable CCTV solution that can be configured to suit the school’s budget.


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