Parental Engagement

Free School Meal Eligibility Checker

Helping schools claim additional funding

With the introduction of free school meals for all Key Stage 1 pupils from September 2014, it is more important than ever to encourage parents to check their eligibility so that schools can then claim any related additional funding which may be linked with those pupils, such as Pupil Premium. An online eligibility checker is available to all parents of children in TRUSTnet-connected schools.

The simple online application removes the stigma sometimes associated with such claims and encourages greater participation. Schools are informed when parents are eligible for free school meals, and can access the necessary data to complete the processing of such claims. Schools can then claim further funding to help upgrade resources and improve learning and achievement.

Free School Meal Eligibility Checker


Live school status information

OpenCheck is a web and mobile app-based service that lets schools alert parents to the school’s daily open or closed status at no cost to the school or the parent.

This easy-to-use service presents information regarding school closures in case of emergency, severe weather or any news which may affect children’s ability to attend or access the school. It also allows schools to set scheduled school closures and term dates to keep parents informed via or the integrated ParentComms:Mobile app.



The app keeping parents and schools connected

ParentComms:Mobile is a free app that integrates with OpenCheck and a range of other services such as text messaging and parental reporting tools. It can help parents stay connected with their children’s schools by receiving school status alerts or messages proactively sent by the school. It allows parents to stay informed while saving their school money.

Parents automatically receive status notifications from all their children’s schools via OpenCheck which is particularly useful during times of severe weather conditions as it eliminates the need to search for information. The app is available for Android and iOS.


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