The Core Essentials

Fast and Reliable Broadband

TRUSTnet offers a choice of uncontended broadband leased lines capable of download speeds from 10Mbps to 1Gbps. Prices for all connectivity levels are highly competitive and connection speeds are upgradeable in steps of 10Mb. For smaller and hard to reach rural sites, VDSL technologies (i.e. fibre/copper combinations) are also available.

Managed and Supported Firewalls

Every TRUSTnet connection is supplied with a fully managed and supported firewall that has been preconfigured to each school’s connectivity requirement. Through the effective deployment of a firewall at each connected site, TRUSTnet protects schools from malicious attacks over the internet and helps keep staff and students safe online.

Added functionality for Academy and Federation Trusts

For schools located across multiple sites or groups of schools connected through a common framework or Academy Trust, TRUSTnet offers staff the ability to access the internal networks of each site easily and securely. This can be extremely useful for those working across multiple sites on a regular basis, especially ICT support staff, who can then manage each site’s network and services from a single location, where relevant.

Other services that can be implemented on such a cross-site basis include the TRUSTnet Managed Wireless service and the Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephony service.

Connectivity Firewalls

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Security & safeguarding


Protection for all school machines as well as staff and pupils at home

TRUSTnet provides schools with Sophos Antivirus to help protect machines and the network against viruses, malware and unwanted applications across a wide range of platforms.

Sophos can be installed on individual machines or via an Enterprise Console for easy central management. In addition to school-wide deployment, the licence not only protects all machines connected to a school’s network but also staff and school governors’ machines at home at no extra cost! Parents can also obtain Sophos free of charge for their children’s home computers.


Internet Filtering

School-focused and controlled filtering

TRUSTnet uses a bespoke web filtering system, WebScreen™ 2.0, tailored to meet the needs of schools and offer a high degree of flexibility to each one. Filtering occurs from the moment of connection, with each school having full access to the configuration settings. WebScreen™ 2.0 allows each school to create the filtering environment best suited to all its different types of users.

The system filters by IP address groups as a default, with Per-User filtering being an option that can be activated by the school at any time. Time-based filtering is another feature that aids flexibility so that filtering policies can be adjusted automatically for different users at different times of the day.

This centrally-deployed system maximises performance with no proxy-related delays and no hardware to worry about. All filtering is Internet Watch Foundation compliant with further eSafety guidance available from TRUSTnet. A number of other safety precautions are also in place to protect schools from a range of online hazards but the majority of settings are placed directly within the school’s control.

Webscreen 2.0

Integrated Authentication

One username and password for all services and resources

TRUSTnet provides each member of staff and every student with a unique username and password. These are used to access all relevant TRUSTnet services and resources whilst presenting a tailored view to the user wherever this is available. These user accounts are known as Unified Sign On (USO) and enable users to access not only the range of available tools from within school but to securely access them from home as well. Account creation is simple and can be done manually or automatically, via a secure, automated link to a school’s MIS. This automation saves on administrative overheads and ensures that the school’s data is always correct and up-to-date, reflecting changes made in the MIS on a daily basis.

Extension of the USO user credentials into a school’s Active Directory is also possible, providing users with the greatest level of consistency and further reducing account administration. Active Directory integration goes beyond unifying user credentials by automating much of the Active Directory administration.


For further information and pricing please contact or call us on 01689 814707.