Digital Resources to Use at School and at Home

Unparalleled Online Resources

TRUSTnet provides a wide range of high quality digital Teaching and Learning resources to subscribing schools.

All educational resources are high quality tools, approved and endorsed by leading educational professionals. They are safe, secure and reliable so that teachers can incorporate them into children’s learning, both in and out of school. The resources are increasingly provided to support a range of curriculum models and promote increased standards of achievement across schools.

Resources range across all curriculum areas and Key Stages and include:

  • Resource banks
  • Teacher guidance material
  • Online applications
  • Independent student resources
  • Creative tools
  • Exclusive access to historic artefacts

Examples of TRUSTnet teaching and learning resources include:

TRUSTnet Learning Resources
TRUSTnet Learning Resources

The Award-Winning History of Computing

This site includes unique resources to help understand how British Computing developments have influenced the world we all live in and continue to impact our world today and shape all our tomorrows.

The resource features: Unique video and photographic resources from the National Museum of Computing and extensive curriculum material created by practising Computing and ICT teachers - all mapped to the new National Curriculum and relevant to KS2, KS3, KS4 and KS5.

A History of Computing represents a strategic response from LGfL and other members of the National Education Network to the change to the Computing element of the National Curriculum and the shift away from the ICT curriculum.

A History of Computing

ReadingZone Live

ReadingZone Live stems from a partnership between LGfL and and brings regular interviews and live video conferences with some of the best contemporary children’s authors to connected schools.

Each month, a group of schools is linked with live author events via video conferencing, with one school’s reading group selected to host the event where authors discuss their work, creative writing and the issues surrounding writing for a living, and answer questions via video conference.

After each event, the curriculum-based resources are added to the ‘ReadingZone Live’ website. This resource is suitable across KS1, KS2 and KS3 and already features authors such as Antony Horowitz, Cressida Cowell, Michael Morpurgo and Jacqueline Wilson.

ReadingZone Live

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Teaching & Learning Resources


Personalised application launcher

The myUSO website is a secure, personalised application launcher and cloud storage service accessible to all pupils and staff members using TRUSTnet USO authentication. This service allows school staff to create and manage a set of links to online learning resources for their pupils. As a result, all resources needed by pupils during the school day can be grouped by class and accessible via a single login. Pupils can then easily access all TRUSTnet resources plus any additional web-based services linked alongside, including those services hosted within the school. myUSO presents a simple, convenient and organised route to online resources for schools.


Secure Cloud Storage

School-focused file storage and sharing service

myDrive is a secure file storage and sharing platform that allows school users to upload documents, images or other files. Files can be kept as private or shared with colleagues and even pupils.

Users can share and access their files in a truly flexible way from a computer, tablet or mobile phone via a dedicated app. Each school is entitled to 500GB of storage space, free of charge.

The system integrates with the school’s MIS to make sharing easy amongst all USO-enabled users, in and outside an individual school. It also offers staff the ability to monitor pupils’ content for safeguarding purposes. This secure cloud service comes with a simple, user-friendly interface across all devices.


Early Years Simplified Login

The Early Years login system helps younger users log in more easily via a range of methods. The first allows the password to be replaced by a numerical PIN, where each number is associated with an image. The second option offers the use of QR barcodes which contain each child’s details. Barcodes can be scanned by mobile devices, such as tablets used in classrooms.

A third option allows pupils to identify themselves by answering questions. Pupils click on a series of pictures specifying their gender, class and first name.

This is a simple and effective way of getting young pupils to access secure resources.

For further information and pricing please contact or call us on 01689 814707.